Welcome to Literary Residency! We are an online academy that offers the following courses: fiction writing; narrative in videogrames; storytelling; screenwriting and travel writing (these are planned for the second semester of 2021).

If you are an aspiring writer this is your home, a place to make you feel comfortable to cope with the blank page and learn from your mistakes.

In our courses you’ll develop abilities to deepen your writing skills and techniques to become more creative and confident when you write.


Each of our courses costs $16 dollars [this month there’s a New Year’s promo and you can take our courses for just $12 dollars], a low price for a high quality specialization with a convenient design, easy to follow and optimized to keep you focused.

Our courses are structured on readings along with practical examples and a collection of optional assignments, developed based on our expertise as writers across different disciplines: literature; cinema; journalism and videogames.

Once you buy the course, its content is immediately unlocked and you can learn from anywhere at your own pace, since you have unlimited access to all the modules and no deadline to complete your studies. Good luck!


Literary Residency was found by Amy Wilson and Gregory Morgan. We are a couple passionate about creative writing and we designed these courses to guide and support aspiring writers. Contact us at literaryresidency@gmail.com