fiction writing

So you want to be a writer! You came to the right place… 

Fiction Writing course is designed to teach you how to set up a unique story. A logical narrative essay that has the power to captivate and immerse your reader, from the opening line to the grand finale

In this course you will perceive the methods used by the greatest novelists in their stories in order to develop unforgettable characters and to create the perfect structure of the set.

Thanks to a collection of examples and exercises that will boost your creativity, by the end of this specialization you will discover your inner voice and how to unlock your full potential to write your novel!! 

Fiction Writing ~ Contents

The Plot ~ Understand the difference between plot and story
The Structure ~ All stories are organized around a structure, an element that helps you to sequence events
Scenes ~ Have you heard the famous sentence ‘Show!, don’t tell’?
Characters ~ In this module you will learn how to conceive interesting characters
The Voice ~ Develop the right tone for your characters, in all their complexity and soul
The Narrator ~ Understand more about the one who is telling the story to your readers
The Setting ~ In this module you will learn how to develop the scenario and/or the surroundings where your novel takes place
Research ~ Discover the different kind of investigations you have do to improve your novel
Style ~ Each word represents a choice, an ability to module your writing style
Nouns and Verbs ~ These are the most important elements to construct your novel and you should know how to take the best of them
Let´s Write ~ We know you were waiting for this moment, to put in practice your writing in the most productive way
Revising ~ To write is like a marathon and after writing you should edit your work and revise it. Discover how to improve it.