narrative in videogames

Let’s play a game: imagine a talented team responsible for the amusement of millions of people around the world! Now imagine that you could take part of this gang.

As a videogames writer you will have a defiant yet stimulating task: to be in charge of the scripts and the narratives that will challenge the players. Would you like to turn it into reality??

So immerse yourself in our course Narrative in Videogames and you will be able to layout the plot of a game made by credible characters and incredible dialogues.

In this training you will even get to know three different open-source softwares that you can use to write your first game and to start building your portfolio. Are you ready to play this game?


Narrative in Videogames ~ Contents

Starting Point ~ In this first module you’ll learn how to create an interesting story as the starting point to your game
Game Rules ~ The importance of rules to create balance and engagement in a game
The Story ~ Discover how to develop your story to make an emotional connection with the players
Narrative Styles ~ Writer Driven; Writer Led; and Player Led – The different narrative styles and their positive and negatives points
Game as Story ~ Understand the structure of a story and how it can be used in a videogame
The Synopsys ~ Summarize your story in a paragraph after following the 8 points that compose every synopsys
Characters in Videogames ~ Develop the main elements that take part of a videogame
Characters and Goals ~ Learn how you can enrich your characters to improve your story
Ideation Techniques ~ A collection of ideas to develop the spine of the game
Game Design Document ~ Piece together your work and find the foundations of your narrative
Stories Development ~ Test your story in the following game developers softwares